Will Research in Space Make Science Fiction Come True?

Orbital Transports was recently written up in an article in Bio IT World. From the article:

Orbital Transports is positioning itself as the purveyor of the services and supplies needed in an emerging space-based economy—an endeavor CEO David Hurst likens to the Great California Gold Rush when pickaxes, mules, and tents helped extend terrestrial civilization westward. The immediate goal is an online marketplace for everything one might need to execute a small satellite mission, he says, including life science companies looking to do disease modeling and conduct pharmaceutical and regenerative medicine research.

As a space logistics company, Orbital Transports is focused on getting payloads to their desired destination, says Hurst. The next step is satellite servicing and space-based transportation services (aka “moving things around in space”).

But the long-term vision is to develop the infrastructure to support a spacefaring society where the International Space Station (ISS) isn’t the only waypoint. That future “is coming more rapidly than most people realize,” Hurst says.

Starting with small satellites in low-Earth orbit—where most active satellites can be found—makes sense because they constitute a rapidly expanding market with potential widespread commercial, civil, government and military applications, Hurst explains. Modern-day prospectors are investing real dollars in developing the must-have resources for such missions, which range from project management and payload integration services to refueling stations and satellite buses for getting missions into orbit.

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