Space Mission Planning: Cutting Mission Timelines

In this blog post, we look at space missions and how Orbital Transports allows SmallSat companies to cut mission delivery times through its innovative Managed Supply Chain Services.

Blog Post Overview:
This blog came from a live webinar featuring Jeff Kruken, Vice President for Business Growth at Orbital Transports, and David Hurst, the CEO and Founder of Orbital Transports.

It was the first of a series focusing on the challenges of satellite missions, covering costs, timelines and risks.

Orbital Transports: Pioneering Space Logistics
Orbital Transports is dedicated to delivering small satellite missions from concept to completion. The company offers comprehensive Mission Services, covering everything from initial analysis and planning to deploying payloads and managing end-to-end space logistics.

The Catalyst for Change:
The genesis of Orbital Transports came in the mid-2010s, witnessing a significant expansion in the small satellite industry due to increased affordability, rapid technological advancements, and quicker launch capabilities.

Recognizing this opportunity, Orbital Transports was founded to make space more accessible for those who might not have considered it as a viable option.

Challenges of the Traditional Approach:
The traditional approach to satellite missions involved building spacecraft from scratch, a process that became cumbersome and outdated with the rapid evolution of technology. Small companies faced challenges in navigating the complex landscape of finding suitable components and subsystems, resulting in increased costs, delayed missions, and frustrated customers.

The Solution: Managed Supply Chain Services
Orbital Transports introduces a groundbreaking solution – Managed Supply Chain Services. This service provides a virtual supply chain for companies, offering an extensive catalog of products and services tailored to the small satellite industry.

By outsourcing the supply chain needs to Orbital Transports, companies can significantly reduce time and costs associated with researching, sourcing, and managing the intricate components required for their missions.

Key Benefits of Managed Supply Chain Services:

  1. Agility and Flexibility: Respond rapidly to changes in requirements with access to a diverse range of solutions and alternatives.
  2. Time Savings: Orbital Transports handles supplier certifications, product quality assessments, and supply chain transparency, saving valuable time for engineers.
  3. Global Reach: Leverage Orbital Transports' extensive partner network to access products and services from around the world, ensuring the best solutions for mission requirements.
  4. Compliance Assurance: Navigate international borders seamlessly with Orbital Transports managing export licenses, import duties, and regulatory requirements.
  5. Risk Reduction: Managed Supply Chain Services play a crucial role in minimizing risks associated with product quality, delivery schedules, and unforeseen challenges.

Looking Ahead:
It's evident that the paradigm shift in space missions is underway. The era of streamlined, efficient, and cost-effective space missions has dawned - and Orbital Transports' innovative approach to space logistics is perfectly positioned to support the market.

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