Manage Your SmallSat Supply Chain

The suppliers of everything you need for your SmallSat mission are spread out across the globe. Sourcing, evaluating, and acquiring the essential components can take months, adding to your costs and timelines. To make it easy, we've got the space logistics and orbital infrastructure in place for Low Earth Orbit and Cislunar space. This helps you manage comprehensive small satellite programs, from initial concept through competed mission.
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The Challenges With Today's SmallSat Supply Chain

Component shortages and logistics disruptions.
Lost time and focus on your core mission.
Lost time and focus on your core mission.

We've Transformed The Supply Chain

Across your mission, we make it easy for you to source the right components from the SmallSat Catalog, and use a managed supply chain that helps you engage with suppliers and ensure on-time delivery that aligns with your project.

Managed Supply Chain Services

Procurement and logistics capabilities that drive your mission forward.

Supplier Catalog

The SmallSat Catalog is a digital commerce portal for the smallsat industry, with hundreds of products and services. It allows us to offer integrated supply chain management services, giving customers access to product specifications, models, and other data that can be downloaded for use in systems models and mission analysis.

Strategic Sourcing

Access a supply chain that’s flexible and responsive to rapid changes. When critical requirements, specifications, statements of work, and bills of material change, Orbital Transports can quickly identify and propose appropriate, agnostic alternatives, available through a single point of contact for procurement.

Product Quality Assessment

The Catalog tracks data to ensure the supplier and product meet key criteria like ISO 9000 standards, ISO 9001 certifications, in-space qualification, ground-based acceptance testing, GEVS-7000 standard for environmental verification, etc.

Supply Chain Transparency

Supply chain transparency means you can see manufacturing lead times, delivery times, and core shipping information, like taxes, import duties, and key regulatory requirements. Orbital Transports maintains close partner relationships to track this data, and provide customers with real-time information.

Import/Export Compliance

The SmallSat industry has become truly global. Companies relying on international supply chains must deal with import and export concerns across multiple borders. Orbital Transports ensures compliance with export and import licensing, duties and compliance.

Supplier Coordination

One of the hardest aspects of managing your own supply chain is maintaining the delivery schedule: monitoring the real status of your product orders and assuring they will be delivered on time. Our partner relationships enable us to monitor production schedules, coordinate supplier deliveries, and keep our customers apprised of order status.

Supplier Monitoring

We monitor performance metrics across the process. Using our supply chain management specialists, and access to suppliers at all the tiers in the supply chain, we can monitor key data such as supplier lead times, timeliness of response, quality of product, adaptability to requirements change, capacity, and scalability.


Across the globe a range of government and international bodies review and regulate space missions. The requirements change constantly, and compliance is essential for mission integrity and brand reputation. Orbital Transports keeps track of these regulations and ensures compliance across the entire supply chain.

Get Into Space Faster.

We'll help you plan and execute your space mission, faster and with less investment.
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