Space Mission Planning: Cutting Mission Delivery Risks

In this blog post, we look at space missions and how Orbital Transports allows SmallSat companies to cut mission delivery risks through its innovative Managed Supply Chain Services.

Blog Post Overview:
This blog came from a live webinar featuring Jeff Kruken, Vice President for Business Growth at Orbital Transports, and David Hurst, the CEO and Founder of Orbital Transports.

It was part of a series focusing on the challenges of satellite missions, covering costs, timelines and risks.

About Orbital Transports

Orbital Transports is a space logistics company dedicated to shepherding small satellite missions from conception to completion. In the webinar, David Hurst shared his insights on how to mitigate risks in satellite supply chains and introduced the core of Orbital Transports' service: the SmallSat Catalog.

SmallSat Catalog: A Foundation for Managed Supply Chain Services

The SmallSat Catalog is Orbital Transports' curated digital portal, showcasing products and services from various companies in the small satellite industry. It originated in response to the industry's explosive growth and the increasing number of vendors. The catalog simplifies the complex task of tracking and identifying innovative products, providing a central hub for industry stakeholders.

Vertically Integrated Supply Chains: Opportunities and Risks

One emerging trend in the Space industry is toward vertically integrated supply chains.

While major players like SpaceX successfully implement this approach, smaller companies face challenges due to capital constraints and the rapid evolution of technology.

Vertical integration offers control but can hinder adaptability and agility in a dynamic market.

The Value of Managed Supply Chain Services

Orbital Transports' Managed Supply Chain Services offer a solution to the challenges posed by a vertically integrated approach.

By outsourcing supply chain needs to specialists, companies benefit from a flexible, cost-effective, and adaptive system.

This service covers procurement, order tracking, delivery coordination, and regulatory compliance. The global nature of the space industry necessitates expertise in managing suppliers from various corners of the world.

Tiered Services for Varied Needs

Orbital Transports offers tiered services to cater to diverse needs. From the entry level use of the SmallSat Catalog for individual product procurement to comprehensive supply chain management for entire satellite constellations, the company acts as a general contractor or system integrator. This tiered approach ensures that customers receive tailored solutions based on the scale and requirements of their missions.

Mitigating Risks and Enhancing Efficiency

The managed supply chain services provided by Orbital Transports mitigate risks associated with supplier reliability, financial stability, and market dynamics.

This enables the ability to switch suppliers quickly in response to unforeseen challenges, reducing overall risk. The service acts as a strategic investment, offering cost savings, operational efficiency, and adaptability to market changes.

Looking Ahead
As the space industry faces challenges, startups seeking investments should consider managed supply chain services as a valuable asset. We encourage startups to convey to investors that such services are in their best interest, offering cost-effectiveness and reduced financial risk.

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