Pumpkin Space Nanosatellite Components Partnership

Orbital Transports, a space logistics company, announced its partnership with Pumpkin Space Systems, a provider of nanosatellite components and CubeSat buses. Through this partnership, Orbital Transports and Pumpkin Space Systems are aligning their goals and products to further industrialize the new space economy.

"We're excited to have Pumpkin Space Systems as a partner," said David Hurst, Founder and CEO of Orbital Transports. "We look forward to incorporating their SUPERNOVA 6U and 12U buses into customer nanosatellite missions. Using Pumpkin's flight qualified components will improve mission reliability." Orbital Transports provides turnkey satellite solutions to companies who want access to space and yet have little to no prior experience with space missions. The company is curating an extensive network of partners to deliver a variety of small satellite solutions from mission design, to launch procurement and satellite operations. Orbital Transports coordinates all the complex elements involving space vehicles, people, facilities and services required for a successful small satellite mission.

"We are partnering with Orbital Transports to connect Pumpkin to a wider market," stated Andrew Kalman, the Founder and President of Pumpkin Space Systems. "We're looking forward to offering our products through the upcoming Orbital Transports Catalog Portal." Pumpkin Space Systems is a world-wide leader in the nanosatellite market and has completed dozens of successful space missions to government, commercial and educational organizations. They provide nanosatellite hardware and software from sub-1U size solutions to 6U and 12U CubeSat buses.

About Orbital Transports

Headquartered in Chicago, Orbital Transports delivers complete small satellite programs, from initial concept through completed mission. As a general contractor, Orbital Transports works with customers to meet their mission objectives and requirements, including mission planning, systems engineering and small satellite design, and to deliver the customer's data. For more information about Orbital Transports, please contact David Hurst at dhurst@orbitaltransports.com or visit their website at https://www.orbitaltransports.com/.

About Pumpkin Space Systems

Located in San Francisco, Pumpkin Space Systems is one of Pumpkin, Inc's business units that focuses on nanosatellite software and hardware buses. Pumpkin creates products used in a wide range of high-tech industries. As experts in small satellites, product design, embedded systems, manufacturing and rapid turnaround, Pumpkin has delivered unique and cost-effective solutions to cusomters world-wide. For more infromation about Pumpkin Space Systems, please contact Ashton Meginnis at ashton@pumpkininc.com or visit their website ahd https://www.pumpkinspace.com/.