Space Angels Network's Dylan Taylor

The space entrepreneur networking group NewSpace Chicago recently hosted a conversation with Dylan Taylor of the Space Angels Network.  Dylan talked about some of the opportunities for new start-up ventures in the space industry.  Space is a large and growing market and Space Angels Network is a leader in funding new aerospace ventures.  Reduced launch costs, miniaturization of technology, and standardization are bringing the space sector with in the reach of entrepreneurs.  SpaceWorks hs forecast over 2,000 new nanosatellite will be launched between 2014 and 2020.  We really appreciated Dylan's comments about what he looks for when investing in new space ventures.

NewSpace Chicago is an open community of students, scientists and engineers, entrepreneurs, investors, and others who are interested in or involved with the creation of new commercial space ventures in and around Chicago.  The group seeks to promote Chicago as a center of excellence for new commercial space, space-related, or space-scalable ventures.