Benchmark Space Systems to Offer Propulsion Systems in Space Catalog

Chicago, IL – April 23, 2020 – Benchmark Space Systems announced that its DFAST and B125 small satellite propulsion systems would be available through the Orbital Transports Space Catalog. These innovative propulsion systems have been specifically designed to improve safety and capability for spacecraft ranging from 3U through ESPA class. Both product lines use green propellants and launch unpressurized thanks to a patented On-Demand Pressurization System and micromixing techniques.

“Benchmark Systems is delivering our first commercial and government systems in 2020,” said Ryan McDevitt, CEO at Benchmark. “We’re anticipating that offering our products through the Space Catalog will allow us to tap into a wider market and reach more customers who need a cost-effective propulsion solution for their satellite needs.” Benchmark will demonstrate its DFAST technology on orbit with the BSS1 satellite mission, currently manifested on a Summer 2020 launch. Leading up to the launch, the company is offering promotional pricing and a free Flatsat Integration Evaluation Kit (IEK) to customers that pre-order a DFAST for their next mission.

“Benchmark’s green propellant and on-demand pressurization systems really simplify regulatory compliance and range safety requirements for nanosatellite missions,” stated David Hurst, CEO of Orbital Transports. “We look forward to using DFAST and B125 for customer missions. We’re incredibly happy to offer these products in the Space Catalog.” The Space Catalog, a digital portal hosted by Orbital Transports, provides a convenient resource to check out the small satellite industry’s latest and greatest products and services. With the complete smallsat supply chain in one place, the Space Catalog solves the logistics for your nanosatellite and smallsat missions.

About Benchmark Space Systems
Located in Vermont, Benchmark Space Systems provides innovative products in space mobility to customers in the new space ecosystem. The company is focused on delivering the most cost-effective, reliable and safe propulsion solution for your satellite mission needs, from simple orbit adjustments to high-agility maneuvers and RPO. Please contact for more information on their propulsion products. You can also follow Benchmark Space on LinkedIn, or subscribe to their email updates for additional announcements.

About Orbital Transports
Headquartered in Chicago, Orbital Transports delivers complete small satellite programs, from initial concept through completed mission. As a general contractor, Orbital Transports works with customers to meet their mission objectives and requirements, including mission planning, systems engineering, and small satellite design, and to deliver the customer’s data. The company is curating an extensive network of partners to deliver all the complex elements involving space vehicles, people, facilities, and services required for a successful small satellite mission. For more information about Orbital Transports, please contact, or visit their website at