Announcing the SmallSats Contest

The SmallSats Contest offers you the opportunity to launch your best idea into space and win $10,000

Satellite technology has quickly changed the world, but more recently the industry has lacked the creative ideas to propel the use of small satellites into the future. The SmallSats Contest is looking for your unique idea to turn into reality.

Your Idea Brought to Life Start to Finish

Technology Investor and Entrepreneur Peter Wokwicz is teaming up with Orbital Transports to offer you the opportunity to launch your best idea into space. The SmallSats Contest is offering a $10,000 prize, a public announcement, and if desired the opportunity to be involved in the design, build, launch, and operation of a small satellite.

From Saving the Planet to Making a Profit

We want to hear what you think can be launched into space that will improve some aspect of the world as we know it. The winner will be chosen based on a combination of social or economic value. The idea must do good for the world and/or demonstrate a path towards profitability, be economical to build and launch, and fit within 2U or less of payload volume.

If your entry is chosen, you will win $10,000, receive a public announcement and recognition, and have the opportunity to be involved in the smallsat's design, build, and operation. Orbital Transports will work with you from initial concept all the way through completed mission.

Submissions will be received through the SmallSats Contest website,

Contest Details

SUBMISSION DEADLINE: January 14th, 2022
DECISION DATE: January 28th, 2022


About Orbital Transports

Headquartered in Chicago, Orbital Transports delivers complete small satellite programs, from initial concept through completed mission. The company provides end-to-end space logistics by managing the complex operations involving the space vehicles, human resources, facilities, and services required for successful space missions. For more information about our small satellite mission services, or about becoming a member of our partner network and having your products and services considered for the Space Catalog, contact David Hurst at (773) 218-6151,, or see our website at

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