The SmallSat Marketplace.

Our SmallSat Catalog is a unique marketplace where you can search, analyze and procure the components, technologies and services you need for your mission. They are already designed and tested - so you invest less and launch faster.
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The SmallSat Catalog

Everything you need for your mission, found in the one online portal.
SmallSat Catalog is a curated digital commerce portal for the smallsat industry showcasing hundreds of products and services from across the industry.

It is designed so you don't have to start from a blank sheet of paper. You find everything you need, ready-to-use, so you can focus your resources on your core mission.

Components that are built and tested.

Technologies that are off the shelf to use immediately.

Service providers with experienced, scalable teams.

How The SmallSat Catalog Works.

You can search among hardware, software, services, and engineering offerings for smallsat missions, request quotes for more information, run tenders, and finalize pricing.







The SmallSat Catalog


The physical components needed for building and operating small satellites, from the platforms and hardware through to the space transportation and ground systems.
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The platforms that will operate your satellite, from mission control and flight operation available to use off the shelf through to platforms that can be tailored for your exact uses.
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The people who each bring their specialist expertise in all the areas where you will need help, from consulting and advisory services through to training and regulatory support, for all phases of your mission.
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Get Into Space Faster.

We'll help you plan and execute your space mission, faster and with less investment.
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