Precious Payload Mission Management Partners With Orbital Transports

Logan, Utah — August 5, 2019 — Today Precious Payload Inc., a launch booking platform for small satellites, and Orbital Transports, a company specializing in space logistics and mission management, announced a partnership agreement that aims to support the whole range of launch campaign services for their customers. The partnership facilitates additional features on the Precious Payload platform allowing customers to get assistance on every stage of their projects from the initial idea of launching a spacecraft to space to delivering data back to Earth. Tools in development include a tailored mission roadmap for every customer, simplified licensing procedures, and insurance strategy planning.

“We are very excited to be partnering with Precious Payload to provide mission planning and mission design services for their customers." said David Hurst, CEO of Orbital Transports. "We look forward to helping companies harness value from space and to bringing space closer to more people.”

“The partnership with Orbital Transports allows us to provide more services to our clients in less time and make mission planning more comprehensive especially for those who don’t have 10-20 years of industry experience," explained Andrey Maksimov, CEO of Precious Payload. "We are inviting everyone to learn more about this cooperation and new opportunities at a side meeting we are hosting at the SmallSat conference in Utah.“

About Precious Payload, Inc

Precious Payload Inc. is a platform that allows customers from around the globe to find launch options and go through negotiations process with launch providers. The platform is playing a role of space navigator providing all the variety of launch opportunities and giving the customers control over the mission procurement process starting from looking for components to ground segment and launch options.

About Orbital Transports, Inc

Orbital Transports delivers small satellite solutions from initial concept through a completed mission. The company makes space logistics easy for customers by managing the complex operations involving space vehicles, people, facilities and services required for successful space missions. It’s service offerings includes mission planning and systems engineering; designing small satellite solutions; assembly, testing, and integration; operating the mission and delivering the customer’s data.