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Position Duties:

Conduct engineering feasibility studies for small satellite missions. Determine requirements analysis and design for small satellite missions. Provide systems engineering for small satellite missions. Conduct trade space analyses for smallsat missions spanning all subsystems and components. Contribute to creation of customer mission proposals and small business R&D grants.

Position Requirements:

MS degree in Astronautical Engineering. Demonstrated knowledge or experience in the following:

Small Satellite industry
Spacecraft mission lifecycle from initial concept to completion
Design of small satellite buses and constituent subsystems
Common spacecraft payloads and their use in small satellite missions
Space environments, especially Low Earth Orbit
Engineering standards including environmental qualification and test plans for small satellite missions
Ground station networks and their use in small satellite missions
Modeling spacecraft missions using MBSE tools such as SysML and MagicDraw/Cameo Systems Modeler

Name and Address
of Employer and Work Location:

Orbital Transports, 1623 W Fulton St, Chicago, IL 60612-2507.

Any applicant who is interested in this position may apply by directing a resume to David Hurst,

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