Exo-Space to Fly Vision-1 Image Processor on Get Spaceborne™ Mission

Exo-Space Vision-1 image processor integrated into 3U CubeSatLos Angeles, CA, August 12, 2021 – Exo-Space announced an agreement with Orbital Transports to demonstrate their Vision-1 image analysis data processing unit on a Get Spaceborne™ rideshare mission in low Earth orbit (LEO). The Vision-1 image processor executes novel machine vision algorithms to detect and classify objects and structures within the field of view of on-board imaging systems. Rather than sending large sets of raw data down to ground stations, the Vision-1 processes images directly from an onboard camera and sends down only the relevant information, reducing downlink costs and improving response times to observable events.

“By flying with Orbital Transports, Exo-Space will obtain valuable flight experience and accelerate the development of our products,” said Jeremy Allam, CEO of Exo-Space. “It’s a great opportunity to demonstrate our machine vision hardware in LEO and acquire flight heritage in the space environment.” The Vision-1 is a compact Data Processing Unit for artificial intelligence applications on-orbit. Its small size (0.5U) makes it compatible with most CubeSat platforms.

“We’re excited to be flying the Vision-1 image processor for Exo-Space,” stated David Hurst, CEO of Orbital Transports. “Our Get Spaceborne™ rideshare missions offer an easy on-ramp to space for payloads ranging from technology demonstration and qualification to full constellation-scale deployments. If you want to put a payload in space or even deploy sensors or instruments in a constellation, there is no longer any reason to build your own satellites. You save money, time, and resources with our turn-key hosted payload services.”

Orbital Transports conducts the mission planning and systems engineering, handles legal and regulatory compliances, performs payload testing and integration, provides launch vehicle integration, and supervises mission operations so customers can focus on their primary mission objectives and results.

About Exo-Space

Located in Los Angeles, CA, Exo-Space builds add-on AI capabilities for Earth Observation Satellites. Their main offering is a hardware device that connects to an imaging satellite and runs the raw image data through machine vision algorithms before the data is sent to the ground. The company is dedicated to building a data processing infrastructure in space with on-orbit computational resources that are orders of magnitude faster than what the current market offers. For more information, or to invest in their equity crowdfunding campaign visit: https://www.spacedventures.com/offers/exo-space-seed-2021

About Orbital Transports

Headquartered in Chicago, IL, Orbital Transports delivers complete small satellite programs, from initial concept through completed mission. The company handles end-to-end space logistics by managing complex operations involving the space vehicles, human resources, facilities, and services required for successful space missions. In addition to space logistics, Orbital Transports provides the SmallSat Catalog, a one-stop shop for all your smallsat supply chain needs. For more information about our small satellite mission services, or about becoming a member of our partner network and having your products and services considered for the SmallSat Catalog, contact David Hurst at (773) 218-6151, info@orbitaltransports.com, or visit: https://www.orbitaltransports.com/.