Dawn Aerospace SmallSat Propulsion Partnership

Delft, NETHERLANDS - 31 January 2020

Dawn Aerospace are gearing up in their US expansion activities.

As part of this, a partnership agreement has been signed with Orbital Transports, the Chicago-based turnkey satellite solutions company.

It is a move to further accelerate Dawn’s green bi-propellant satellite propulsion systems across the US market.

Since releasing their products to market in early 2019, sales of ~950K USD have already been secured, including a Phase 1 SBIR contract from the United States Air Force.

Orbital Transports provides turnkey satellite solutions to companies who want access to space that have limited experience with space missions.

“Chicago is well situated to tap into the growing NewSpace industry in the Midwest and on the East Coast,” said Jeroen, Dawn Aerospace CEO. “We have confidence in David Hurst and the experience the Orbital Transports team brings. Helping customers navigate this ever-growing market and ensure their mission is a success, this is exactly what’s needed for the NanoSat industry.”

Orbital Transports upcoming Catalog Portal will feature Dawn’s 0.5N CubeSat propulsion module and 22N hydrazine replacement thrusters.

Dawn’s 0.5N CubeSat propulsion module is a specialized CubeSat propulsion system that delivers capability only found on large satellites. It can be adapted for CubeSats of almost any size. With higher thrust than any other comparable system, Dawn propulsion enables instant, efficient manoeuvers, enabling CubeSats to deliver maximum value.

“Dawn’s green bi-propellant propulsion systems really do give customers enhanced capabilities for their mission”, said David Hurst, Orbital Transports Founder and CEO. “Client’s are coming to us asking ‘How do I get my satellite into position quickly and keep it online longer?’ With Dawn’s high-performance propulsion tech, this is easy to answer. We’re very excited to bring Dawn on as a partner”.

Specializing in space logistics, Orbital Transports is curating an extensive network of partners to deliver a variety of small satellite solutions from mission design, to launch procurement and satellite operations. The company coordinates all the complex elements involving space vehicles, people, facilities and services required for a successful small satellite mission.

Fighting the Kessler syndrome - Unlike other chemical systems, Dawn’s green bi-propellant architecture is non-toxic and delivers the same performance at the end of its life as at the beginning. The system enables responsible operators, allowing them to de-orbit efficiently at their end of life, reducing space junk.

For more information, visit the Dawn Aerospace and Orbital Transport web pages or contact sales@dawnaerospace.com or dhurst@orbitaltransports.com.