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NewSpace Chicago hosts conversation with Dylan Taylor

The space entrepreneur networking group NewSpace Chicago recently hosted a conversation with Dylan Taylor of the Space Angels Network.  Dylan talked about some of the opportunities for new start-up ventures in the space industry.  Space [...]

NITESat Mission Achieves First Milestone

The NITESat nanosatellite mission achieved its first development milestone in September, successfully passing the Mission Concept Review.  The independent review panel examined the mission's objectives and the concept for meeting those objectives.  All three reviewers [...]

NewSpace Chicago Promotes Commercial Space Ventures In Chicago

NewSpace Chicago announced its formation as an entrepreneurial community for the development of private companies commercializing outer space.  The organization seeks to promote Chicago as a center of excellence for new commercial space, space-related, and [...]

Evening Launch Captures Earth Limb

Last Sunday we participated with Far Horizons in a high altitude balloon launch.  We set up at our usual airfield, Koerner Aviation.  Launch time was set for 7:15pm, about half an hour before local sunset.  [...]

Adler IR Satellite

The Adler Planetarium is collaborating with Orbital Transports to build, launch, and operate a 3U CubeSat to demonstrate the ability to obtain Earth observation imagery in mid-infrared spectrum from low Earth orbit.  The primary science [...]

MarsDrop flies again!

After the difficulties we had with the MarsDrop parawing guided descent experiment earlier this spring, we conducted some low altitude testing to learn the best way to pack the parawing for deployment.  Following these drop [...]

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