SmallSat Solutions

Line Up A Successful Mission

Orbital Transports delivers small satellite solutions from initial concept through to completed mission. We offer businesses with limited prior experience in space a low-risk and cost-effective opportunity to harness value from space. As a space logistics company, we coordinate the complex elements involving space vehicles, people, facilities, and services required to make your small satellite mission a success.

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CubeSat Assembly Process - Orbital Transports


Space Vehicles

  • Mission payload hardware and software

  • Standardized modular spacecraft bus

  • Flight opportunities

  • Launch and deployment integration


  • Assembly and integration

  • Testing and validation

  • Clean storage

  • Mission operations


  • Mission planners and operations staff

  • System designers and engineers

  • Subject matter experts

  • Manufacturers and suppliers


  • Insurance and finance

  • Regulatory and licensing

  • Ground station networks

  • Shipping and transportation

Discover The Future

Small satellites will solve your space mission more cost-effectively, with faster delivery, off-the-shelf components, and lower risk.

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