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Orbital Transports is bringing the small satellite supply chain online to make space operations accessible to everyone. This small satellite “ecosystem, online storefront, and community hub” will function as a catalog of all the products and services needed to complete a small satellite mission. The Orbital Transports Portal will be the first resource of its kind, offering everything a customer needs for small satellite missions, including hardware, services, and engineering expertise. 

The Portal will make available a full package of small satellite hardware components, small satellite buses specialized for common space missions, ground station services, mission operations software, launch services, legal services, and regulatory services. Orbital Transports will continue to provide its expert engineering services to aid clients with mission design, testing, and validation.

The Portal will be available by the end of 2019.

Building a Small Satellite?

Save time and money with one-stop-shopping for your space mission from our network of manufacturers and service providers. 

Example page from the Orbital Transports Catalog

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